Building Block Commons Preschool through High School

Primary students learning math by building in woodworking class.

Who We Are

We are a small private school with indoor and outdoor classrooms offering active experiential project-based learning, personal growth opportunities and collaborative mixed age groups.

High School students sitting in a circle with their teacher outdoors sharing their learning.

Who We Serve

We embrace learning differences in our students who are motivated, inclusive, and appealingly quirky. We empower our students to become independent and resilient learners.

Middle school students in class learning about ecology.

How We Do It

We inspire learners by dedicating instructional time to content as well as practicing skills that are essential for long-term success: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creative innovation, and confidence.

Enrollment Steps

1) Visit us! This is your first step before enrollment. Group tours are every Friday, at 2:45 for primary through 2nd grade and at 3:30 for 3rd grade through 12th grade. Email to schedule your tour.

2) Apply for admission on our enrollment platform: Enrollsy

3) Your student may be invited to visit during the school day to see us in action!

4) Accepted students will receive a placement offer and enrollment contract that will need to be signed by the guardian(s).

5) Party with the G.O.A.T.s! You are coming to Building Block Commons!