Children climbing on play structure indoors.


Social Thinking

Hands-on play

Outdoor time

Learning Goals: Love of learning, humor, social/emotional development, cognitive approaches to learning, physical & sensory development

Children observing maple sap collection outdoors.


Tools of the Mind

Social Thinking

Outdoor time

Learning Goals: Love of learning, humor, self regulation, working memory, dramatic play and cooperation

Children learning messy color theory!


Project Based Learning

Visible Thinking Routines

Emergent Curriculum

Learning Goals: Love of learning, humor, collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative innovation, and confidence

Building Block Commons

Building Block Commons is a primary and elementary school for children ages 2 years 9 months through 6th grade. Our qualified teachers embrace the physical, emotional and social growth of each individual child. Science, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are the "S.E.A.M" that binds the students’ exploration of multiple academic pathways. From time exploring nature in our garden, to messy art completed in our Outdoor Classroom, the children are offered developmentally appropriate opportunities to find individual success and happiness.

Parent Lounge

We believe that families, careers, and education are enriched by shared space and community. Parents are invited to enjoy the Parent Lounge co-working space and Kid Commons for younger siblings while their children attend Building Block Commons.

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