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Building Block School

Building Block School is a state licensed childcare school for ages 2 years/ 9months through 6 years old. Our qualified teachers embrace the physical, emotional and social growth of each individual child. Science, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics are the “S.E.A.M” that binds the students’ exploration of multiple academic pathways. From time exploring nature in our garden, to messy art completed in our Outdoor Classroom, the children are offered developmentally appropriate opportunities to find individual success and happiness.

Childern with flowers.

School Objectives

  • Encourage kindness
  • Support the development of self-confidence
  • Offer opportunities for social and independent activities
  • Use nature as a teaching tool across the curriculum
  • Introduce students to the fine arts
  • Laughter
Child with dragonfly.

Parent Lounge

Building Block Commons is connected to the Building Block School by the belief that families, careers and education are enriched by shared space and community. Parents are invited to enjoy the Parent Lounge co-working space and Kid Commons for younger siblings while their preschoolers attend Building Block School.